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Here is a look into my brain.

I was watching Iron Man 2 over breakfast, as one does.

And I noticed something as the opening credits were going by. The production design was done by one J. Michael Riva. Now I don’t know if this name means anything to anybody, but it certainly does to me. J. Micheal Riva, or John Michael Riva is the eldest son of one Maria Riva formerly Maria Sieber also known as the daughter of Maria Magdalena Dietrich or Marlene Dietrich, as most people know her. 

This is how my mind works. I go to watch a superhero movie about a dude in an iron suit saving the world (or America, same thing) and I spend the whole time thinking about Marlene Dietrich and her grand son. 

This has been a random post.

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  1. appleria said: And this is just a perfect example why I think you’re awesome!
  2. jigglypants said: That is some really awesome six degrees of Kevin Bacon right there O______O I love random factoids like so! :D
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